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The Great Race of Mercy 1925 (Iditarod), Middle School Readers Theater

The Great Race of Mercy 1925, 3 Readers Theater scripts in 1 resource. Sled dogs, and their mushers, became the only hope for transporting life-saving serum to quell the diptheria epidemic of Nome, Alaska.  Non-fiction adventure covers the entire race in a 3-part, historically accurate story. For grades 6 and up.

TIME:  8 to 10 minutes for each script (Parts 1, 2, 3) 
CAST:  2-8      
TONE:  exciting    
READABILITY:  grade 5.6 to 6.5

$1.50 Available

9 Readers Theater, Aesop Fable Plays with Flexi-Curric™ for Easy Lesson Plans

Enjoy these classic Aesop's Fables scripts to motivate thinking and creativity in students in grades 2-8. Use them as a springboard for lively discussions and character building–even in middle school. 

$6.50 Available

The Bremen Town Detective Band–based on the Brothers Grimm tale

Guaranteed to sprinkle giggles into your day, this fun adaptation of the Brother's Grimm fairy tale– "The Bremen Town Musicians"–includes talking animals and a surprise twist at the end. Here's what one teacher spontaneously wrote me:
"I use Readers Theater in my centers as well.  My students really enjoy them.  One of their recent favorites was the Bremen Town Detective Band, parts 1 and 2…Thanks so much for the wonderful product!  They had a GREAT time with it today."
Time: Part 1- about 5 minutes 
         Part 2- about 5 minutes (Both parts are included in this product)

Part 1 Cast: 3–9 readers
Part 2 Cast: 3–12 readers
Tone: Light, lively, and fun
Readability: Grade levels 2.8 to 3.0

$1.20 Available

Readers Theater Rocks and Minerals Game Show–3 Scripts + 2 Optional Commercials

Here's what one teacher wrote me about "Rocks and Minerals Game Show":

After reading only the first page..... OH MY GOSH!! So excited! Creative and NOTHING out there like it that is FUN like this (that I have found anyway about this topic) and I've been doing this a LONG time. Super duper excited to read on!"
You are a complete ROCK STAR!! Amazing!…You are SOOOO good at what you do I just want the WORLD to know about you. Readers Theatre IS MISSING from almost every classroom (except us OLDIES)…you have NO IDEA how excited my class is going to be!…My non-English Speaker LOVES anything similar to these!!

Leah L.

TIME:  Part 1 = about 12 minutes (7 pages)
Part 2 = about 8 minutes  (6 pages)
Part 3 = about 10 minutes  (6 pages)
Commercial #1 = about 2 1/2 minutes  (3 pages)
Commercial #2 = about 2 1/2 minutes  (2 pages)
Total = about 35 minutes 

CAST:  Parts 1, 2, 3 = 2 – 8, plus audience
Commercials #1 & #2 = 3

TONE:  light, educational

READABILITY: (Flesch-Kincaid):  Parts 1, 2, 3 = grade 4.4 – 4.7
Commercial #1 = grade 2.5
Commercial #2 = grade 4.7 

$3.50 Available

23 Long Vowel Readers Theater and Partner Plays with Flexi-Curric™

Are you looking for fun in an easy partner play or choral Readers Theater script? Students will be motivated to practice repeated readings with these long vowel Readers Theater scripts. WARNING: the surprise endings of some of these scripts may inspire giggles and talking.

$7.00 Available

Waddles the Grateful Groundhog - Character Building Readers Theater - February

Fun.  Character-building.  Nature study.  Based on true groundhog stories ,"Waddles, the Grateful Groundhog (Parts 1-3)" Readers Theater introduces readers to Waddles, a real groundhog who lived in our yard.  We've had a groundhog at two different homes, but this three-part story combines our family's groundhog experiences. 
TIME:  about 15 minutes (each of the 3 parts of the story is 4 pages)    
CAST:  6-7      
TONE:  light    
READABILITY:  grade 2.7
UPDATED: January, 2018

$1.50 Available

Circulatory System, Heart Health, Easy Valentine's Day Readers Theater

Lub-dub.  Lub-dub.  Lub-dub,. Lub-dub.   Here's two readability levels of our Readers Theater script on the human heart.  "Oh, My Heart, Heart, Heart" also easily works for Choral Readers Theater with the whole class.  Perfect for integrated curriculums, emergency substitute teacher plans, or health/science unit studies, this heart-healthy product comes with all the features of our Flexi-Curric™ products (see the description).  Since it's short, it can be a launching pad for a short study on the heart for Valentine's Day or Heart Health month (February).

TIME: Easy Version = 1.5 min. (2 pages); Simplified = 3 min. (4 pages)      
CAST (Simplified version): 2-22+ (Choral Reading option)   
CAST (Easy version): 2-9+ (Choral Reading option)  
TONE:  light, educational   
READABILITY (Simplified): grade 2.3; (Easy): grade 0.6

$2.50 Available

Insects Readers Theater–Ant, Bee, Cricket, Firefly, Fly, Ladybug

Wouldn’t your students love MORE Readers Theater? “Insects Readers Theater” provides plenty of opportunities for delightful character-building nature studies for primary level readers. Perfect for beginning readers of every age, our "Insects Readers Theater" collection comes in two font options with annotated curriculum links for easy lesson plans. Seven scripts shine as choral reading or partner plays.

WARNING: Some of these scripts may inspire giggles.

READABILITY: Grade levels 0.0 to 1.4 (Flesch-Kincaid)

Perfect for grade K-2 readers, "Insect Readers Theater" also works great for family Readers Theater, Special Ed, and ESL or ESOL classes.

$3.75 Available
Viewing 11 - 18 of 18 products
Praise from Teachers

...Keep doing what you are doing.  There are not enough quality scripts available for children and teens.  So many are inappropriate from a parent's perspective.  As a teacher I want to also build character and integrity while I teach a subject.  Why can't drama build up, inspire and be thought provoking?...Anyway, keep doing what you're doing...we need all the help we can get!
Jen H., Drama teacher

> ...I have been teaching for 35 years. RT has been part of my education journey for the majority of that time. Initially my experience with it was as a performance genre in the Drama Curriculum. Now I use it across the curriculum - a wonderful high motivation strategy in the language program - particularly reading - and so much more as you would know. I was drawn to your 'community' by the idea of leadership... I think what you're doing is wonderful..."
Graham B. Former primary teacher (now a Visual Art and Drama specialist)

Readers Theater All Year is the most comprehensive collection of Readers Theater scripts and resources I have found on the internet!...Thank you Carol for your leadership and vision and for making Readers Theater so accessible for teachers and parents.
Daniel Fiore, Elementary teacher/author What They Have Taught Me

I found the free readers theater online scripts, teaching tips, and curriculum teleseminars at Readers Theater All Year very inspirational to me. I used the Twelve Days of Christmas...Vacation script in my ESOL classes before Christmas break and my students all enjoyed it..
Lily T. Teacher (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

"> ..We did Squanto's Squash for the family on Thanksgiving and [my sons] participated and loved it. I am so excited about making this a major part of homeschooling. What a great way to learn!
Bethany P. Homeschooling Mom

> our script "The Earth Day Hen and Friends" I've used this! The kids love it. Thank you for sharing...It's just right for all levels in the class...Your free scripts are wonderful!...They learn so much from drama and reader's theatre...I see the shy ones gain confidence as they read. Fluency and prosody increases with reader's theatre...
Angela D., 3rd grade teacher

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33 Fun Animal Riddles Partner Plays

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