Health Scripts, Grades 6—8+

Engage your students in the study of health with these Readers Theater scripts.  Choose fiction or non-fiction fun from our growing buffet of scripts–all with annotated curriculum links for easy lesson plans.  If you're a member of our Script Buffet Club you may suggest future script ideas.

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R = Readability grade level (based on Flesch-Kincaide Readability Formula)

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Below are script titles, with summaries, in order of publication, most recent first. It may be a long list.

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Recent articles

  How the Digestive System Serves You (R = 5.7)
  Digestion Synopsis (R = 7.2)
  Alexander Graham Bell–Part 2: Teacher and Inventor (R = 6.7)
  Alexander Graham Bell–Part 2: Teacher and Inventor (Full Class Version)" (R = 6.7)
  Alexander Graham Bell–Part 1: Childhood Inventor (R = 5.0, 4.4)
  Oh, My Heart, Heart, Heart (R = 3.8)