Sports Scripts, Grades K—2

Motivate your students with sports-themed Readers Theater.  Some of our Readers Theater scripts involve unique sports–never played before, but with flavors of football, soccer, plus sharks and minnows (e.g., Salamander Sly scripts).  Other scripts may include a more traditional sport like baseball.  If you don't see what you want you may suggest future ideas if you're a member of our Script Buffet Club.

Click on a Readers Theater script title below to read an excerpt from the script and access the printable PDF (complete with annotated curriculum links for easy lesson plans).

IMPORTANT:  Most of our scripts are available to our paying Script Buffet Club members only.  Each one pays a little and reaps a lot.  :)

R = Readability grade level (based on Flesch-Kincaide Readability Formula)

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Below are summaries of scripts in order of publication, most recent first.

Script Buffet Star =exclusive for paying Script Buffet Club members

Recent articles

  Racer Rabbit's Marathon (R = 3.2)
  Flying B for Baloney (R = 1.5)
  Flying Baloney (R = 3.3)
  Super Bowl Students vs. Salamander Sly (R = 3.4)
  Friends at Bat (R = 0.8)
  Pals at Bat (R = 0.0)
  Back-to-School Team vs. Salamander Sly (R = 2.3)