Holiday, Season, and Event Scripts, Grades K—2

Make holidays special with a variety of Readers Theater scripts.  Make more memories with Readers Theater related to the seasons or current events (e.g., Fall, Back-to-School...).  WARNING:  Your students will ask for more Readers Theater scripts.  

Why not reap the benefits of Readers Theater by overlapping Readers Theater with different subjects (e.g., health, history, science...)?

Click on a Readers Theater script title below to read an excerpt from the scripts and access the printable PDF (complete with annotated curriculum links for easy lesson plans).

IMPORTANT:  Most of the Holiday scripts are free. Most of our seasonal and event related scripts are only available to our paying Script Buffet Club members.  Each one pays a little and reaps a lot.  :)

R = Readability grade level (based on Flesch-Kincaide Readability Formula)

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"In This Category" is a bulleted directory, organized alphabetically. 

Below the bulleted directory are summaries for all of our Holiday, Seasonal, and Event scripts in grades K–2 in order of publication, most recent first.

Script Buffet Star =  exclusive for paying Script Buffet Club members

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In This Category

Recent articles

  Harriet Tubman, Alias Moses: The Swamp Mystery (Simplified) (R = 2.1)
  Squanto's Squash (Simplified with Group/Audience Participation and Short Version) (R=2.6)
  The Great Race (R=.8-1.8, think K-1)
  Togo–Sled Dog Hero, A True Story (Part 1–Simplified) (R=3.1, 2.2 without "Narrator")
  Togo–Sled Dog Hero, A True Story (Part 2–Simplified) (R=3.5, 2.3 without "Narrator")
  Togo–Sled Dog Hero, a True Story (Part 3–Simplified) (R=3.2, 2.3 without "Narrator")
  Togo Tales–From Pup to Hero (R = 1.2)
  Dusty's Sled Dog Race (R = 0.7)
  Dusty and the Junior Iditarod (Simplified–Part 2) R = 3.2
  Dusty and the Junior Iditarod (Simplified–Part 1) R = 3.3
  Sack Lunch Flying (Simplified) R = 3.1
  Oh, My Heart, Heart, Heart (Simplified) (R = 2.3)