Humorous Scripts, Grades K—2

Motivate your students with humorous Readers Theater scripts.  Your students will have fun while building important life skills (e.g., confidence speaking in front of a group, teamwork, focus, and fluency).  Choose scripts related to a specific subject (e.g., health, history) or fun stories to read aloud from our growing buffet of scripts.  Many of our scripts have humorous elements, but may not be listed below.  

***Consider having students create their own short, two-part humorous Readers Theater scripts with knock knock jokes!  ;)

Click on a Readers Theater script title below to read an excerpt from the script and access the printable PDF (complete with annotated curriculum links for easy lesson plans).

IMPORTANT:  Most of our scripts are available to our paying Script Buffet Club members only.  Each one pays a little and reaps a lot.  :)

R = Readability grade level (based on Flesch-Kincaide Readability Formula)

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Below are script titles in order of publication, most recent first. It may be a long list.

Gold Star 2= exclusive for Script Buffet Club paying members

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Recent articles

  The Hose Phone (R = 1.0)
  The Haircut (R = 1)
  A Pair of Pears (R=K)
  Rex and Tex (short "o") (R = K)
  Nick, the Cat, and the Pig (short "i") (R = K)
  Not Your Home on the Range (R = 2.9)
  Alexander Graham Bell and the Talking Dog (R = 2.1)
  The Cookie Culprit (R = 2.7, 3.7)
  The Cookie Crook (R = 2.0, 3.0)
  When Kevin Burped (Easy)—A Tall Tale (R = 3.0, 2.6)
  Moon's Love Song (Speaker Version) (R = 1.9)
  Moon's Love Song (Choral Version) (R = 1.9)