Language Arts & Poetry Scripts, Grades 3—5

Incorporate numerous language arts skills in one delicious activity:  Readers Theater.  What other activity motivates students to practice silent reading, oral reading, speaking in front of a group, listening to others, thinking skills, and even writing?  Choose a script from the Language Arts section below or another section of our website to integrate learning across the curriculum (e.g., science, history, health...).  Or, encourage your students to adapt poems to Readers Theater and then perform them. 

Since I don't write scripts directly from copyrighted material, most of the poems in this section are original, but may be based on other poems or song lyrics.  (How about compare and contrast lessons?)

Click on a Readers Theater script title below to read an excerpt from the script and to access the printable PDF (complete with annotated curriculum links for easy lesson plans).

IMPORTANT:  Most of our scripts are available to our paying Script Buffet Club members only.  Each one pays a little and reaps a lot.  :)

R = Readability grade level (based on Flesch-Kincaide Readability Formula)

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Below are script titles in order of publication, most recent first. It may be a long list.

Gold Star 2= exclusive for Script Buffet Club paying members

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Recent articles

  My Panda (R=2.0)
  The Parts of Speech Poem (R=1.2)
  A Hoarse Horse (R = 1.7)
  Benjamin Franklin Speaks About Growing Up (Simplified) (R = 4.9)
  Benjamin Franklin Speaks About Growing Up (R = 6.3)
  The Star-Spangled Banner Lyrics (R = 3.1)
  Fancy Frogs (R = 1.3, 2.5)
  Oh, Give Me a Home in a Book (R = 1.6)
  Not Your Home on the Range (R = 2.9)
  My Western Home on the Range (Simplified) (R = 3.3)
  My Western Home on the Range (R = 4.2)
  Love My Brain! (R = K, 1)