Biography Scripts, Readability 3–5

Invite your students to experience the lives of famous people through Readers Theater biography scripts.  Choose single scripts or a series of scripts on one person from our growing Script Buffet.  Why not have small groups work on different scripts?  (If you're a paying member of our Script Buffet Club you may suggest future script ideas.)  

IMPORTANT:  Most of our biographies are available exclusively to our paying Script Buffet Club members. Each one pays a little and reaps a lot.  :)

R = Readability grade level based on Flesch-Kincaide Readability Score.  (Note:  This score is often higher because of the word "narrator"--3 syllables!  Other times it may be lower because of shorter sentences. Vocabulary is listed on front page of each script.  Older scripts may have a "?" for readability--until I get the readability computed.)  For example, Readability (R) 1.2 = grade 1, month 2  and Readability (R)  3.6 = grade 3, month 6.

All scripts include annotated curriculum links for easy lesson plans.

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"In This Category" is a bulleted directory of scripts organized alphabetically by last name of the biographical person, even if their name does not appear in the script title.

Below the directory are summaries for all of our biography scripts in grades 3–5 in order of publication, most recent first.

Script Buffet Star =   exclusive for paying Script Buffet Club members

NOTE: To see the rest of the summaries, click "more articles >>" at the bottom of each page. 

In This Category

Recent articles

  Harriet Tubman, Alias Moses: The Swamp Mystery (Simplified) (R = 2.1)
  Harriet Tubman, Alias Moses: Joe's Journey (Simplified) (R = 3.4)
  Ben Franklin–The Be Better Plan (Part 1) (R = 3.1 & 1.9))
  Ben Franklin–The Be Better Plan (Part 2) (R = 3.4)
  Ben Franklin–The Be Better Plan (Parts 1-2) (R = 3.3 & 2.1)
  Benjamin Franklin's Virtues–Project Perfection (Simplified) (R = 5.0)
  Benjamin Franklin's Virtues–Project Perfection (R = 6.3)
  Benjamin Franklin's Whistle Story (Simplified)) (R = 6.3)
  Benjamin Franklin Speaks About Apprenticeship and Beyond (Simplified) (R = 6.0)
  Benjamin Franklin Speaks About Growing Up (Simplified) (R = 4.9)
  The Benjamin Franklin Idea and Invention Show (Simplified) (R = 5.6, 6.2)
  Benjamin Franklin Speaks About Growing Up (R = 6.3)