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In 2011 Readers Theater All Year was so small few heard our teleseminars.  In 2012-2013 I shared replay links with everyone on our email list.  That gave me more time to write trustworthy Readers Theater scripts and interact with our caring community.
(Some of these recordings are available to our paying members of the Script Buffet Club.)

Currently, I am focusing on getting well while I write for our caring community. 
I don't expect to do any online events in 2017.

Future Possible Teleseminar Topics:


Note:  Since you are so busy, my goal for future teleseminars is to make them bite-sized short.


  "3 Keys to Building Character with Readers Theater"


•  "Building Thinking Skills with Readers Theater"


•  "Integrating the Arts into the Curriculum"


•  "Secrets to Integrating Curriculum for Student Success"


•  Expert Readers Theater Teacher Interviews (titles will vary)


•  "Saving Money While Using Readers Theater"


•  How to  ______________________  What would YOU like to learn?(Contact Carol at more


***ATTENTION: For teleseminar dates and links fill in the colorful balloon box on this page, please.  That puts you in the communication loop for our caring community.  Thank you!

Cheering you on,