Stories Behind Scripts

Stories Behind Scripts


Now, for the rest of the story....

This section is for you IF you're any of the following:

Curious, Ambitious, or Creative

  Curious about stories behind some of Readers Theater All Year scripts

•  Ambitious about learning to write scripts for Readers Theater All Year

•  Committed to raising up leaders and creators

You see, this category contains a brief interview with the author of some of our Readers Theater scripts and the stories behind each script.

Readers Theater Script Author Interviews

 Each article in this section will contain the title of one of our scripts and the story behind that script. We will try to have the author of the Readers Theater All Year script briefly answer the following questions:

•  Where did you get the idea for this script?

•  What resources did you use to write the script?

•  How long did it take you to write the script?

•  Why did you write the script?

•  Which story about the script or the process of writing it would you like to share?

This should be fun!  If you have other questions that you or your students want answered by the authors of the scripts let us know!  Who knows?  Maybe one day we'll interview you!

Scroll down the page to see what interviews we have currently completed.

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