St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Radio Show (Middle School) (R = 6.8)

publication date: Feb 27, 2013
author/source: Carol Montgomery

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Radio ShowFlexible.  Informative.  Non-fiction.  "St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Radio Show (Middle School)" allows teachers to use this free Readers Theater script as a full-class choral project or small reading group presentation.  Romp through a short radio show on the basics of St. Patrick, the shamrock, and "Why wear green?"  The more difficult vocabulary and Irish words are listed on the front page.  Complete with curriculum links for easy lesson plans, this is the middle school version of our classic script.  (The other versions have a readability of grade 3.6 or 4.4.)

TIME:  a wee bit less than 5 min.    CAST:  3, or 3 CHORAL groups    TONE:  light, educational     READABILITY: grade 6.8

Here's an excerpt from this free, light-hearted, educational Readers Theater script:


“St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock” Radio Show
By Carol Montgomery ©2013

Shammy:  “Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!”  I’m Shammy  O’ Leary with Right as Rain Radio.  Today, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we’ll interview two authorities on the shamrock and “Why wear green?”  But now,  let’s meet our experts...  First, we’re delighted to have Kelly Green, expert researcher and journalist with the Green Growers Gazette International.  Thank you for coming, Kelly.

Kelly:  Thanks for inviting me.

Shammy:  My pleasure.  Next, we’re honored to have Dr. Ireland, professor of history at Shamrock University and a popular international speaker on everything Irish.  Thank you for coming, Dr. Ireland.

Dr. Ireland:  Top o’ the mornin’ to ya, Shammy and listeners!  It’s grand to be here again talking about some of my favorite historical Irish topics.

Shammy: Aye.  Isn’t it grand?  So, let’s start with you, Dr. Ireland.  First, tell us a wee bit about Saint Patrick since we’re talking about his international holiday.

Dr. Ireland:  Aye, glad to...  Pirates from Ireland captured Patrick when he was just a lad of sixteen and took him as a slave to tend sheep in Ireland.  Somehow, he became a Christian, escaped to France, and became a monk.  In 432 he returned to Ireland as a missionary because of a vision he had.  He later founded over three hundred churches in Ireland.

Shammy:  Quite a story.  I can’t imagine how horrible it must have been to be captured by pirates from Ireland and then choose to go back and love the same people.  But, enough of the sad lad…he overcame his problems and changed the world.  What else can you tell us about the shamrock  and St. Patrick’s Day, Dr. Ireland?   (Continued...)

***Click on the PDF link below to see the full printable version of "St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Radio Show (Middle School)," an educational Readers Theater script based on non-fiction sources.

Download the PDF of "St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Radio Show (Middle School)."


See the article for the original "St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Radio Show" (Readability = grade 4.4)

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