The Tiny Crooked Crack (R = 4.0)

publication date: Sep 29, 2012
author/source: Carol Montgomery

ReadersTheaterAllYearBugHere's a simple story with BIG implications!  If you're studying elections or economics this free Readers Theater script, "The Tiny Crooked Crack," will definitely generate some important discussions.  Written as a parable, "The Tiny Crooked Crack" is versatile with many interpretations and character-building lessons.   Complete with annotated curriculum links for easy lesson plans, "The Tiny Crooked Crack" is appropriate for grades 3, 4, 5+.  (Note: We also have an advanced version with at a readability of about grade 5.3)

TIME:  a little over 5 minutes  CAST:  4-6-10+ (optional choruses)   TONE:  serious   READABILITY :  grade 4.0  Character Qualities: Wisdom


Here's an excerpt from this four page, cross-curricular script:


The Tiny Crooked Crack
By Carol Montgomery ©2012


Narrator 1:  Once upon a time there was a tiny crooked crack in the ceiling of a big white house.  No one paid much attention to the little crack because it was VERY small and barely seen. 

Narrator 2:  Besides, everything else in the big white house was working.  Plus, VERY famous people were visiting often and saying...

Famous People:   Oh, I just LOVE your big white house!

Narrator 1:  The owners loved the compliments.  And, the tiny crooked crack was ignored.

Narrator 2:  Over time the crack split just a fraction wider.  Still, since new owners lived in the big white house, they didn’t know the little crack was getting bigger.  After all, it was VERY small and barely seen. 

Narrator 1:  And besides, some VERY famous people were still visiting often showering the owners with flattery...

Famous People:  Your house is so great!  You must have us over again.

Narrator 2: The owners loved the timely flattery.  Perhaps they believed the famous people were more important than a little crack in the ceiling?

Narrator 1:  After a few years, the crack began to show a little more in the ceiling of the big white house.  And the owners would say...

Owners #1 & #2:  Maybe we should check that out? 

Owner #1:  But, it was here when we moved in.  It’s probably been here for years. 

Owner #2:  Besides, some VERY famous people are coming to see us in a few days, so we couldn’t do anything right away anyway.  Oh, I think they’re here now... 

Famous People:  We’re back!  And, we still LOVE your fantastic house.  What’s for dinner?

Narrator 1:  The owners were hungry, so the little crack in the ceiling of the big white house was soon forgotten.

Narrator 2:  When some new owners moved into the big white house they saw the crack in the ceiling--only now it was bigger.  When they asked the neighbors about it the neighbors replied...

Neighbors:  Oh, that crack has been there for years.  It’s only the ceiling.  We wouldn’t worry about it.  No one looks at the ceiling anyway. 

Narrator 2:  So, the little crack in the ceiling continued to grow slowly with no one paying attention.

Narrator 1:  Several years later the little crack in the ceiling of the big white house began to leak. It’s VERY difficult to ignore a leaky ceiling.  Pots, bowls, buckets, and an old guitar case were set out to catch the drips.  (Continued...)

***Click on the PDF link below to see the full printable version of "The Tiny Crooked Crack" with a readability of grade 4.

Download the PDF "The Tiny Crooked Crack," a versatile parable useful for studies on elections, economics, or character building (e.g., procrastination).


SEE THE ADVANCED VERSION (Readability grade 5.3).

 Download the PDF "The Tiny Crooked Crack (Advanced)," with a readability of grade 5.3, appropriate for middle school students.

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