Dog Jog Adventure (Advanced; R = 3.0)

publication date: Feb 29, 2012
author/source: Carol Montgomery

DogJogAdventureReadersTheaterHow would you like to go jogging with three big dogs who are not really obedient?  Believe it or not a teacher did and told her story in a Chicken Soup for the Soul story.  I adapted the story a lot for children here in a fun Readers Theater script, "Dog Jog Adventure." 

the children in this script are older elementary or teenagers, this script is perfect for mixed ages and abilities--upper elementary, middle school, high school, ESL or ESOL, adults, and family fun.  Since the readability is about third grade, it should be perfect for literacy tutoring, too. You also have the option of using a narrator and two choral reading groups.  NOTE:  This is the advanced version with a more extensive vocabulary.  (The easier version is grade 2.7)

Complete with annotated curriculum links (including You Tube) for easy lesson plans, "Dog Jog Adventure" works well as part of a unit study on fitness,pets or dogs.

TIME: about 7 minutes      CAST: 3 or a narrator and two choral groups     TONE: light, fun   READABILITY:  grade 3.0

Here is an excerpt from the beginning of this free Readers Theater script:

Dog Jog Adventure
Carol Montgomery  ©2012

“Dog Jog Adventure.”  Adapted from a true story.

Looks like you’re going jogging again, Sis.

  Yup.  But, I want to take the dogs this time.

  Not ALL THREE dogs at the same time...

Sister:  Why not?  I’m bigger and stronger now.  And, the Danes are older.

Brother:  And BIGGER and STRONGER, too!

Sister:  We’ll be fine.  You know Mom and Dad don’t want me jogging alone.  Do YOU want to come along?

I’ll catch up with you soon.  Are you taking the same route?

Sure am.

Brother:  Okay, you go on ahead and I’ll catch up with you.  I have a feeling you may be in for a surprise.

Sister:  Oh, are you planning a surprise party for me?

Brother:  You wish!  It’s not even your birthday yet.

Sister:  I know.  Do you want me to wait for you?

Brother:  Nah.  I just want to snatch a snack and the camera.  I’ll be following you before you get to the red barn.

Narrator:  So Sister grabbed the three dog leashes and a couple of delicious dog biscuits.  The three dogs jumped, slobbered, and whined to go outside.  Sister snapped the leashes on the collars and opened the front door.  Two leashes dashed out first–pulled by the Great Dane brothers, Max and Mustard.  Holding all three leashes tightly, Sister raced out behind them with the old mutt, Muffin.

Sister:  Come on, Muffin!  It looks like Max and Mustard have a plan.

Narrator:  Unfortunately for Sister, Max and Mustard DID have a plan.....adventure!  The Great Dane brothers towed Sister and Muffin down the road–fortunately in the right direction.  Sister called...

Sister:  Hey, guys!  Remind me to take you to obedience school one at a time, okay?

Narrator:  Muffin the Mutt never passed obedience school and the Great Dane brothers had never been.  As Great Danes, Max and Mustard were tremendous in size and strength.  Their powerful pull on the leashes accelerated, dragging Sister and Muffin behind.

Sister:  Max!  Mustard!  Slow down!  It’s NOT a race.

Narrator:  But, the big dogs continued to yank on their leashes, forcing Sister to run faster.  The wind sang through her bouncing hair and Sister laughed out loud.

  (laughs)  All I need is wheels and we’d be on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

Narrator:  Sister didn’t know how prophetic she was!  They passed the red barn just as Max and Mustard discovered...

Sister:  No!  No!  No!

***Click on the PDF link below to see the full rpintable version of the fun, free rEaders Theater script, "Dog Jog Adventure (Advanced)"--with slightly expanded vocabulary from the original script.

Download the PDF "Dog Jog Adventure (Advanced)," a free Readers Theater script based on a true dog story.

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