Tribes and Teams Cheer (R = K, 1)

publication date: Feb 15, 2012
author/source: Carol Montgomery

FREE download Readers Theater or Partner Play ESL ESOL Anti-Bullying Character DevelopmentDoes your class, tribe, or team work well together or do you sometimes have problems with bullying and fighting?  Even if you have perfect students, our "Tribes and Teams Cheer" encourages positive attitudes and character.  This short, easy Choral Readers Theater script is written for beginning readers, but is suitable for most ages. 

This script could easily be used as a
launch into anti-bullying or teamwork discussions.  With three full pages of annotated curriculum links for easy lesson plans on anti-bullying, teamwork, kindness, and respect, you can't go wrong!  Perfect for grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, special ed, ESL and ESOL classes, "Tribes and Teams Cheer" helps build unity in the classroom in a fun way.

TIME:  35-40 seconds    CAST:  2+ or 2 groups     TONE:  motivational    READABILITY:  grade 0.0, but written for beginning readers  (NOTE:  Some of the curriculum links could be used through middle school and high school.)

Here's the complete free script, but use the yellow download link below the script to access the printable PDF version with all the lovely links for easy lesson plans:

Tribes and Teams Cheer
A Choral Readers Theater
By Carol Montgomery ©2012

We are a tribe.

Teams:  We are a tribe.

Tribes:  We get along.

  We get along.

Tribes:  We work together.

Teams:  We work together.

Tribes:  Peace is our song

Peace is our song.

Teams:  We are a team.

Tribes:  We are a team.

Teams:  We do what’s right.

Tribes:  We do what’s right.

Teams:  We work together.

Tribes:  We work together.

Teams:  We hate to fight.

Tribes:  We hate to fight.

Voice:  All in this world.

All:  All in this world.

Feel in the heart.

All:  Feel in the heart.

Voice:  We work together.

All:  We work together.

Voice:  Love’s where we start.

All:  Love’s where we start.

(Option:  Repeat from the beginning like a round.  You may get louder each time.)

***Click the PDF link below to see the full printable version of the motivational and character-building script for primary readers, "Tribes and Teams Cheer."

Download the PDF "Tribes and Teams Cheer," a short, Choral Readers Theater script for beginning readers of most ages--complete with annotated curriculum links for easy lesson plans on anti-bullying, teamwork, respect, and kindness.

Readers Theater All Year™ LLC builds leaders and creators for positive influence through an inexpensive, easy, flexible system.  Readers Theater All Year™ LLC curriculum services provides a caring community for using and creating Readers Theater scripts for families, classrooms, homeschools, camps, and drama clubs.

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