Squanto's Squash (R=4.5) (Group Participation and Short Versions)

publication date: Nov 13, 2014
author/source: Carol Montgomery

SquantosSquashThanksgiving"Squanto's Squash" jumps into the history of Thanksgiving with Pilgrims, Native Americans, and more. "Squanto's Squash" is available in two flavors: lively, with group participation or calmer, without interruptions.  The longer, livelier version is perfect to engage a younger audience, parents, or a larger group of students.  The short version is appropriate for smaller groups or more mature students who frown on silliness. Complete with a vocabulary list and annotated curriculum links for lesson planning.

TIME: 3 1/2 or 6 min  CAST:  7-10+  TONE: light or more serious, your choice!   READABILITY: grade 4.5 (with the word narrator, less without)

Here is a brief excerpt from this free Readers Theater Thanksgiving (or Native American unit study) script, group participation version:

Squanto's Squash

A Thanksgiving Readers Theater
By Carol Montgomery ©2010

Narrator 1:  Now don’t get me wrong;  I’m not trying to change history or anything. I just want the facts straight.

Narrator 2:  What facts?  What in the world are you talking about?

Narrator 1:  Well, according to the World Book Encyclopedia volume 16, page 639 (copyright 1960), and I quote: 
(voice of authority)  “Squash is the name given to three groups of pumpkin plants.”

Narrator 2:  Who cares?

Narrator 1:  I care because today we’re sharing “Squanto’s Squash.”

Narrator 2:  Do I get to eat it?

Narrator 1:  No, just listen.  And every time you hear the words “Squanto” or “squash” cheer, okay?

Narrator 2:  Gotcha.  But, the rest of these guys better join me.  (gestures to audience)

Narrator 1:  What do you say audience?  Will you cheer when you hear the words “Squanto” or “squash”?

Chorus/Audience:  Hooray!

Narrator 2:  (to audience)  Okay, every time I cheer, you  cheer.

Narrator 1:  Great! You’ve probably heard of the Pilgrims.  They had a terrible first winter in Plymouth.  It was bitter cold.

Narrator 3:  They were weak from three months at sea.  Many became sick and about half their number died—51 to be exact.

Narrator 4:  But, they didn’t give up when things got hard.

Narrator 3:  They worked hard and prayed.

Voice:  For squash?

Narrator 2 & Chorus:  (with audience) Hooray!

Narrator 3:  One day the men were meeting in the common house when they heard a shout,

Voice:  Indian coming!

Captain Standish:  What?  You must mean Indians...

Click on the PDF link below to see the full printable version of the free Thanksgiving Readers Theater script "Squanto's Squash" (contains both versions) with curriculum links for easy lesson plans.

Download the PDF "Squanto's Squash" (Contains both Group Participation Version and Short Version).
* Here's the article page for the SIMPLIFIED version of "Squanto's Squash" (readability grade 2.5).

*** BONUS LINKS ON THE NATIVE AMERICANS (valid as of Sept. 2014):

"What Really Happened at the First Thanksgiving?  The Wampanoag Side of the Tale"

Basic Wampanoag Information (from a Cherokee)

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