Las Posadas: El Burro and the Miracle (R=4.0)

publication date: Nov 6, 2010
author/source: Carol Montgomery

ReadersTheaterAllYearBugHave you heard of Las Posadas? It's a Hispanic Christmas celebration and tradition in many places, including Mexico.  A joyful procession, a cooperative donkey, and unique songs typify Las Posadas.  But, in this free Christmas Readers Theater script with (curriculum links) there's a mysterious Christmas miracle awaiting the participants... 

CAST:  13, unless parts are doubled.  TIME:  about 5 minutes  TONE: varies--joyful, serious, with a sprinkiing of humor and mystery   READABILITY: Grade  4.0

NOTE:  A Critical Pronunciation Guide is included on the front page of the script for the few Spanish words in the script. 

Here's a brief excerpt from  the first page of this free Christmas Readers Theater script:

Las Posadas:  El Burro and the Miracle

By Carol Montgomery ©2010

Narrator 1: Imagine yourself on a dark night in Mexico.  A knock comes to your door, but you are prepared. It’s Las Posadas!

Narrator 2:  The Hispanic Christmas tradition of Las Posadas often includes statues of Mary and Joseph on a platform. The processional reenacts the hunt for a place for Mary and Joseph to stay.

Narrator 1:  Sometimes, especially the last night, a girl and a boy dress up as Mary and Joseph. Others will be angels.

Narrator 2:  It’s happened for years.

Narrator 1:  But, this night it was different…

Manuel:  I love Las Posadas!  It’s so much fun going from house to house and asking for a resting place for Mary and Joseph, I mean Maria and Jose.

Carolina:  It’s only fun until they say, “There’s no room here--no hay posada.”

Manuel:  I know.  Eight nights of “There’s no room.”  You’d think someone would have pity on a poor pregnant statue.

Carolina:  Manuel!  It’s not the statue.  It’s who the statue represents!

Manuel:  I know.  I just think it must be easier to say “No” to a pregnant statue than to a real pregnant lady.  Can you imagine someone turning away a woman who was “great with child”? 

Carolina:  Not really.  But, what could they do?  It was the census and all the rooms were filled.  Would you kick people out of a room AFTER they had paid you?  (continued...)

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"Las Posadas:  El Burro and the Miracle," a free Christmas Readers Theater script.

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