The Drinking Gourd (R = 3.4)

publication date: Oct 19, 2010
author/source: Carol Montgomery

ReadersTheaterAllYearBugHow would you like a non-fiction Readers Theater script with curriculum links that covers more than one topic?  This is it!  In our free Readers Theater script, "The Drinking Gourd," your students will discover some of the tricks of the Underground Railroad from the study of science--with a surprise happy chorus.   Perfect for unit studies, "The Drinking Gourd" has enough curriculum links to make this study last a week or more.  Do you know what The Drinking Gourd really is?  

Here's a brief excerpt from this short, fun script...

The Drinking Gourd

By Carol Montgomery ©2010

Polaris:  I am the North Star.  I ALWAYS point North. I don’t move across the sky or change place from season to season like other stars.  Because I am so dependable, men at sea and runaway slaves have used my light to help them know the way to safety and freedom.

Narrator 1: Slaves often used a hollowed out gourd as a water dipper.  Slaves called the stars of the Big Dipper “The Drinking Gourd” because the shape reminded them of their water dipper.  They sang a song called “Follow the Drinking Gourd” with code words in the lyrics showing the way North to freedom.

Big Dipper 7:  Hey Ho!  What do you know?
        The Big Dipper Seven shows the way to go!

Narrator 2:  The Big Dipper, or Drinking Gourd, displays a handle and an attached cup with a pouring edge. That pouring end of the big Dipper—Drinking Gourd—is made of two stars that point to the North Star.  Follow the bottom star of the pouring end up to the top star.

Polaris:  Keep going and you’ll find the North Star!  That’s me!

Big Dipper 7:  Hey Ho!  What do you know?
        The Drinking Gourd shows the way to go!

Polaris:  Once you find me you’ll remember the North Star always points North.  I am dependable.

Narrator 1:
  Slaves knew if the sky was cloudy at night they couldn’t see the North Star.

Polaris:  (looks sad and hides behind script)...

Click on the PDF link  below to see the full printable version of the free Readers Theater script "The Drinking Gourd."

Download the PDF of "The Drinking Gourd," a free Readers Theater script based on the history of the Underground Railroad and adaptable for science.

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