Review: 25 Just-Right Plays for Emergent Readers

publication date: Jul 28, 2010
author/source: Carol Montgomery

Review:  25 Just-Right Plays for Emergent Readers

Are you interested in Readers Theater scripts for kindergarten or first grade students?  Are you interested in easy Readers Theater scripts for beginning readers?  Would you like Readers Theater scripts for foreign students learning English--ESL? 

If you answered "Yes" to any of those questions then 25 Just-Right Plays for Emergent Readers by Carol Pugliano-Martin is for you!  This 56-page book includes easy scripts that will delight both students and teachers.

The first thing you notice with the book is the colorful cover.  But, when young students see the scripts they will enjoy the large print and cute illustrations.  Almost everything looks happy in the book--even the popcorn!  The publisher, Scholastic, has a great reputation of publishing excellent teaching materials and 25 Just-Right Plays for Emergent Readers is no exception.

Cross-curricular Extension Activities

Carol Pugliano-Martin includes teaching tips in her introduction to encourage Readers Theater success.  Yet, she goes a step further and lists specific related activities that can be done with each script in the "Curriculum Connections" section.  For any teacher doing a unit study, this author has simplified your life!

The Readers Theater scripts and activities are divided into four sections:  "Celebrate the Seasons," "Exploring Nature." "All About Animals," and "Plays for Anytime."  It's amazing how she can write a script from simple pleasures kids enjoy. From snowflakes and shadows to fish school and a loose tooth, Carol Pugliano-Martin explores memory-making experiences.


Some readers may be challenged by a few of the vocabulary words (e.g., guinea pig, Tyrannosaurus Rex, community).  But, students can learn sight words or teachers can just choose those scripts later.  Another option is to give the more difficult parts to an advanced reader.  Since the scripts are short--some only a page--the vocabulary shouldn't be a big problem.

The only script that may raise some eyebrows may be "The Magic Place" because it's a place that can take you anywhere and show you anything.  Does that concern you?  It really shouldn't because it's the last script in the book and is really about a place you probably love--the library!  I wish I had this Readers Theater book when our kids were young!  Now I'm inspired to write more Readers Theater scripts for emergent readers!

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