Author Interview: Hip Hop Water Drop!

publication date: Jul 24, 2010
author/source: Carol Montgomery

Author Interview:  Hip Hop Water Drop!

So you want a free Readers Theater script in science on the water cycle?  Great! How would YOU write it?  The topic sounds kind of boring.  Where would you start?  There's no storyline;  or is there?  Carol Montgomery, author of Hip Hop Water Drop! shares her story behind the script in this brief interview.  Carol Montgomery created "Hip Hop Water Drop" early in 2010.  Readers Theater All Year interviewed her in spring 2010.  Here is that brief interview:


RT All Year:  Where did you get the idea for this script?

Carol:  Actually, it was a regular day and as I was talking with the Lord He seemed to say, "Write a science script."  I thought, "Okay! But, what do I write on?"  Then the thought popped into my head, "The Water Cycle."  That didn't sound like much fun, but since I figured it was His idea I'd better try.  It turns out it was great fun!


RT All Year:  What resources did you use to write this script?

Carol:  First, I used an idea I was exposed to years ago when I learned about Readers Theater at an ACSI teachers conference.  The speaker, Paul Russell, introduced Readers Theater by allowing us to participate in the fun, excitement, and drama with this specific technique--I don't know what to call it.  I was hooked!  And when I used it in the classroom the kids loved it!  So, I just took that technique, combined it with a science book from our shelf, added a few ideas from the web and "Hip Hop Water Drop!" was born!


RT All Year:  How long did it take you to write the script?

Carol:  Hmmmmm...I think I finished it in an evening once I got the idea.


RT All Year:  Why did you write the script?

Carol:  I already told you I felt compelled to write one in science.  Once the idea gelled I realized it shows another fun way to use readers theater--even with non-readers included!  Actually, audience participation is required.  So, a class or group of kids could do "Hip Hop Water Drop" as part of a program for parents or the script could be a presentation from one class to a lower grade class.  It's so much fun I bet even a retirement home would love to participate!

Personal Story?

RT All Year:  Which story about the script or the process of writing it would you like to share?

Carol:  When I write a script I read it aloud several times to edit it.  Since this script has actions included for each line--kind of like finger plays--I was reading the script and doing all the actions like flying, jumping, and wiggly my fingers.  If you listened close you could even hear me say, "Hello, Squirmy Germy Wormy!"

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